Session members are a vital part of our church. They are the elected Elders governing our church within the EPC polity. Those members are:

Bobby Pauley

Pete Francis

Sue Essad

Matt Beach

Lori Lucy

Erin McGraw

Jerry Riendeau


Ruling Elders

Ruling Elders are those called to govern and lead the spiritual direction of the church, nominated and appointed by the body at large. At Restoration, Ruling Elders serve a three year term and are ordained as leaders within the church. Our Ruling Elders are:

Peter Francis

Lori Lucy

Jerry Riendeau Jr

Erin McGraw

Matt Beach



Deacons serve the church by focusing on care and connection -- helping people find their place and helping meet the needs of the church members. Deacons are ordained leaders and appointed by the congregation to serve three year terms. Our Deacons are:

George Walker

Beth Boston

Diane Nance

Al Burton

Peggy Gifford

Mary Jones

Bob Horan

Rob Holcomb

Sharon Jett